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High-quality fluorides laser crystals

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MEGA Materials is a spin-off of Pisa University, devoted to the growth of high-purity fluoride crystals, with application in solid-state lasers, optical cryo-coolers, metrology, energy and communication.

Azienda SPINOFF dell'università di Pisa

We also provide additional services such as crystal orientation, cutting and polishing, and polarized UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy (absorption, fluorescence, and fluorescence lifetime). Moreover, we offer a counselling service on the developement of new materials, solid-state lasers, and optical systems.

Examples of our products


Bulk CZ crystals

as-grown CZ boule

We produce high-quality single crystals of fluorides via the Czochralski (CZ) tecnique. Our single-crystal boules have high omogeneity, excellent optical quality, and high purity.

Main products:

  • LiF
  • YLF (LiYF4)
  • LLF (LiLuF4)
  • BYF (BaY2F8) and BYLF (Ba(Yx Lu(1-x))2 F8)
  • KYF (KY3F10) and KYF4
  • BaMgF4
  • LiCAF (LiCaAlF6)

Single Crystal Fibers

as-grown single crystal fiber

We produce high quality single crystal fibers of rare-earth-doped fluorides using the micro pulling down tecniques. This method allows to grow fibers with diameters unachievable with mechanical processing of larger boules.

Main products:

  • YLF (LiYF4)
  • LLF (LiLuF4)
  • KYF (KY3F10)
  • LiCAF (LiCaAlF6)


RE doped fluorides

Our crystal can be doped with almost all trivalent rare-earth ions. Co-dopings are also possible.

Dopant Some applications
Pr3+ Visible lasers at approx. 490 nm, 520 nm, 610 nm, 640 nm, 720 nm,
Nd3+ IR lasers at 1.03–1.1 µm, 0.9–0.95 µm, 1.32–1.35 µm
Eu3+ Phosphors, WLEDs
Tb3+ Green lasers
Dy3+ Yellow and 3 µm lasers
Ho3+ 2.1 µm lasers
Er3+ 1.5-1.6 µm lasers, Upconverters
Tm3+ 1.8-2.1 µm lasers
Yb3+ Laser at 1.0–1.1 μm, Optical refrigeration of solids, Scintillators
Tm3+/Ho3+ 2.1 µm lasers
Dy3+/Tb3+ Yellow lasers

Other materials upon request!


Orientation, cut, polishing

Polished Pr:BYF crystal

Our company can provide X-ray orientation of single crystals along crystallographic or optical (indicatrix) axes.

We can cut parallelepiped samples ad Brewster-cut samples.

Moreover, we are capable of polishing samples at spectroscopy-grade quality or laser-grade quality


Polished Pr:BYF crystal

We can perform spectroscopic measurements of absorption, fluorescence and fluorescence lifetime in the UV-VIS-NIR regions.


MEGA Materials offers a consuelling service on:

  • Crystal Growth
  • Optical materials
  • Optical systems & Imaging
  • Spectroscopy
  • Solid-state lasers


Fluoride Magic Cube

Fluoride materials:

  • Low thermal lensing
  • High emission cross section
  • High beam quality (TEM00)
  • Thermal conductivity lower than oxides


  • Single-Crystal Fiber (SCF) diam. 1-2 mm
  • High-thermal-conductivity envelop


The founders of MEGA Materials are part of the Physics Department of Pisa University, in the New Materials for Laser Applications group.

Prof. Mauro Tonelli

Prof. Mauro Tonelli



Prof. Alberto Di Lieto

Prof. Alberto Di Lieto Pubblications

Giovanni Cittadino, Ph.D

Gianni Cittadino Pubblications

Eugenio Damiano, M.Sc.

Eugenio Damiano Pubblications

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